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Sales Promotion Girl,  or well known as SPG is a personel that needs by companies to promote their new products, or to boost the sales volume of the company’s product. Sales person/ SPG becomes more important to the company  as they represent the company and directly deal/ communicate with potential consumer or existing consumer. Therefore, it is necessary for SPG’s to have a good understanding on products to be offerred.  SPG personnel is generally required in a large number, but not all companies require them throughout the year due to the promotion efforts are needed in a particular time/event. Considering  the needs of SPG in each company are fluctuated and most companies doesnt have their own SPG , therefore they prefer to work with a third party or agency that can provide SPG who can fulfill their needs  and expectation.





To ensure our quality service in providing SPG, we supported by reliable human resources and professionals from various background. We have a group of staff who recruit and continuesly monitor our SPG to ensure their performance and fulfill the targets. Currently we have a large number of SPG personnel in certain areas in Indonesia to offer and market our clients’ product.



The benefits of our Sales Promotion Service are among others but not limited to:



  • Lessen complexity of administration and employee selection
  • Time saving and competitive price
  • Flexible and fast personnel fulfillment
  • Support the company to reduce the complexity in employee’s payroll and overtime process
  • Support another matter related to manpower.


To guarantee our client’s satisfaction, we commit to ensure that:

  • Quality of our SPGs complies with the client’s needs
  • Our SPGs understand the products which our clients want to sell/ market
  • Replacement will be provided if our SPGs are not appropriate  with our client’s requirements.


Our clients are located in DKI Jakarta , West Java, Central Java, and East Java.


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