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Most organizations acknowledge that beside price and quality of the product, quality services are the key success components to a company who wants to win the global tight competition and an important element to capture and maintain the loyal customer who will fight before they switch to other product and who will proactively refer people to buy from you. Hence, providing a quality customer services to maintain loyal customers is a must, it needs a full commitment and efforts from all stakeholders, both management and employees.

    pt Sdm has the experience and capability to assist companies  to provide the Customer Services by providing reliable and capable personel in handling the services.

    Some of the positions that the company may consider as it related to customer handling i.e telephone operator, receptionist, call center, information desk, lady greater, etc.


general office support and secretarial services



Various general office support services i.e filing, secretarial, administration, mailing room, office support service, drivers, and other similar administrative support job are the services that the clients may want pt Sdm to handle in order to improve your organization effectivenes and focus to your core business toward though global competitiveness. The train and capable personnel will be assigned to handle all your needs.

transportation and distribution support services



Transportation and distribution support services, is another service that pt Sdm provides to assist clients in distribution and logistic. The services shall include provision of qualified, capable and reliable drivers, forklift driver  with license, pick packer, merchandiser and other related non-core job. The services may be in the form of join operation which the client provides all infrastructure  and software, while pt Sdm provides the personnel and hard skill to perform the job.


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